Mark your calendars for March 8 and 9, 2018 for the next event! Snowforce is organized by the volunteer leaders of the Utah user groups, including the Salt Lake City User Group, the Utah County User Group, the Utah Developer Group, and the Utah Women in Technology Group. The first incarnation of Snowforce was formed in 2012 as an excuse to go skiing. It has since grown to be one of the largest Salesforce user group events in the country, drawing attendees from many states. Our unique mix of a day of presentations and a day of networking on the slopes means you’ll get both formal and informal knowledge about Salesforce. If you would like to present at Snowforce please submit your topic suggestion at
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08:00 AM 05:00 PM Lobby

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Opening Keynote

09:00 AM 10:00 AM

snowforce2017petercoffeekeynote-170302204826.pdf Download Link

Point-and-Click Development 101

10:10 AM 11:00 AM Main Hall

It’s all about teaching Salesforce newbies or non-technical veterans of Salesforce how to build apps...without code! This is a great intro to all the basic tools: Process Builder, Workflows, Formulas, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, etc. I’ll make it fun, compelling, and encouraging! And, of course, I’ll throw in some interesting anecdotes.
Point-and-Click Development 101.pdf Download Link

Salesforce DX

10:10 AM 11:00 AM Blue Goose 1

Developing in the cloud the Salesforce way for a long time has been foreign to developers with a unique toolchain, and a source of truth that was always the production environment. The launch of Salesforce Developer Experience (SFDX) at Dreamforce 2016 promises to be a watershed moment in that story with lightweight developer environments, new and updated tools, and the beginning of an evolution of the source of truth being your source control system. SFDX is currently in pilot but if you want an early look at the features it promises come on by and expect many forward looking statements.
SFDX Snowforce.pdf Download Link

What Makes an Innovation and Transformation Center

10:10 AM 11:10 AM Blue Goose 2

Innovation and Transformation Center - Tal Golan.pdf Download Link
Hands On

Hands On: Using Visualforce in Lightning

10:10 AM 11:00 AM The 400

VF2LC.pdf Download Link
Hands On

Hands On: Intro to Machine Learning with Salesforce Einstein

11:10 AM 12:00 PM The 400

In this hands-on session, you will learn the basics of using the Predictive Vision Service (part of Salesforce Einstein) for Machine Learning. You will learn how to create a categorization model for images so that your applications can know the contents of an image. Bring your own laptop to follow along!


Back to the Future: Getting Everyone on the Same Page Regarding Salesforce

11:10 AM 12:00 PM Main Hall

It can be hard to get where you want without making mistakes and accruing technical debt. By getting key stakeholders, teams, and champions on the same page and working together you can avoid having to fix mistakes from the past.
Back to the Future.pdf Download Link

Apex Promises - Simple, safe, asynchronous Apex

11:10 AM 12:10 PM Blue Goose 1

Attendees will learn about the promise pattern of asynchronous development. Additionally attendees will learn how to implement this powerful pattern in Apex for their own work. Example code for doing complex callouts with automated retries will be demo'd
Promises In Apex v2.pdf Download Link

Integrations: The Key to Running Your Business in the Cloud

11:10 AM 12:00 PM Blue Goose 2

The trends we are seeing in business are specialization. There is a host of applications and programs we use to run our businesses, and a growing number of the applications are cloud based. How does running my business in the cloud affect me? What are the strengths and the weaknesses to this approach, and what can I do to remedy those weaknesses?
How to run your business in the cloud - Mozy.pdf Download Link

Lunch - Day 1

12:00 PM 01:30 PM Food Trucks Outside and tables in The 400

Lunch Break. A great time for networking and to get to know your fellow participants. Grab your food outside then head into The 400 to sit.

Demo Jam

12:30 PM 01:00 PM Main Hall

Hands On

Hands on Session with RAD Women Coach - I learned to code and you can too.

01:40 PM 02:30 PM The 400

Starley Flynn is a volunteer RAD Women Coach and works for TAB Bank as a Salesforce Administrator
and Developer. Starley received her BFA in Theatre from the University of Utah. She learned to code
through self-study and by utilizing the wealth of online coding information including Trailhead, SFDC99,
Salesforce Stack Exchange, Lynda, and Pluralsight.
Hands On Apex.pdf Download Link

Salesforce CPQ: An Introduction to Quote-to-Cash

01:40 PM 02:30 PM Main Hall

Watch a demonstration on how to create quotes, contracts, products and other basic features using Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick). This presentation is meant to familiarize new users with the Quote-to-Cash product.
Intro-to-CPQ-v2.1.pdf Download Link

Profiling Apex - A Framework Approach

01:40 PM 02:30 PM Blue Goose 1

We often face questions on how to improve the performance of our code. Before we can answer such questions, we must first have a mechanism to assess baseline performance. Especially when writing utility code, we should strive to minimize our consumption of governor limits.

New IT Operating Models and Governance Trends for Salesforce

01:40 PM 02:30 PM Blue Goose 2

Come and hear what our the most progressive Salesforce customers are doing to increase speed to market, improve business/IT alignment and innovate on the platform. This session will present 5 key IT operating model and governance trends that are essential to getting the most value out of the Salesforce platform. These trends are at the core of success for companies like Amazon, Unilever, Wells Fargo, DuPont, Phillip Morris, Novartis, and Sysco Foods. Not only will you walk away with a conceptual understanding of what you can do to make your organization better, you will also have actionable takeaways you an implement immediately.
Digital Trends.pdf Download Link

10 Time-Saving Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins

02:35 PM 03:25 PM Main Hall

The powerful productivity tools in Salesforce can be combined with Google Chrome add-ons to make admin work even more efficient. Learn about six Chrome extensions that will save you much-needed time and countless clicks. These extensions allow you to perform such actions as copying all object fields and dropping them into a spreadsheet in a matter of seconds; viewing fields’ API names directly from a record detail or edit page; creating formulas faster with the help of syntax highlighting, tabbing, and parenthesis matching -- and more. Discover how you can take advantage of these free tools to continue improving your productivity as a Salesforce administrator!
10 Time-Saving Google Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins_3.3.17.pdf Download Link

Customizable Code using Custom Metadata

02:35 PM 03:25 PM Blue Goose 1

Leverage custom metadata to create admin customizable code.
Learn the basic of custom metadata and how to leverage it in your org.
Custom Metadata.pdf Download Link

The 5 metrics that companies must get right to hit $100M

02:35 PM 03:25 PM Blue Goose 2

The top 5 metrics every company to $500M got right. A look at what those are and how to track them in
5 Key Metrics to Track. Ryan Bott. Snowforce. 03.01.2017.pdf Download Link
Hands On

Implementing Omni-channel to Automate Case Assignment

02:35 PM 03:25 PM The 400

Manage service agent availability and workload across multiple channels resulting in a seamless customer and agent experience.
Snowforce2017ImplementingOmni-channelbyKristinHasna(1).pdf Download Link
Snowforce 2017 _ Implementing Omni-channel by Kristin Hasna(1).pdf Download Link

HyperBatch: A Hyper-Fast Batchable Interface for Salesforce

03:30 PM 04:20 PM Blue Goose 1

The Apex Batchable interface is a tried and true workhorse in Salesforce. But it is slow. It can take some serious time to dequeue, you can only run 5 simultaneously, and it runs in a serial fashion.

See how we can use the Salesforce APIs, PK chunking, parallelism, and Queueables to rethink how a batch is architected. HyperBatch can take a traditional batch job that takes an hour to run, and run it in minutes. The solution is large data volume friendly. And the best part is, it still uses the familiar start(), execute(), and finish() methods so you can implement it on your existing Apex batch jobs!
hyperbatch-danielpeter-snowforce2017-170304181549.pdf Download Link

Mapping out Phase 2: How to Take Your Implementation to the Next Level

03:30 PM 04:20 PM Main Hall

How do you gather requirements from your business users, distil them down to features, development them, and roll them out to the user base? This session is for you. We will be discussing how to handle release management in a manageable way for both the administrators and business users.
Mapping out Phase 2_JohnL.pdf Download Link
Hands On

Hands On: Visual Flow Basics

03:30 PM 04:20 PM The 400

Visual Flows is a powerful tool which you can use to build scripts to help guide your team through a series of questions and answers. You can also use this to gather information and build records such as Contacts, Cases, or even follow-up tasks. During this session we will walk through the basics of building a Visual Flow process with a hands on discussion on how to build an auto Lead Conversion process.
Eide Bailly Visual Flow Basics - Snowforce Presentation.pdf Download Link

5 Critical Actions to Enterprise-Wide Innovation

03:30 PM 04:20 PM Blue Goose 2

In this session, discover 5 critical actions you can take that will drive a culture of innovation throughout your company. Join Salesforce Experience Design and the Innovation and Transformation Center teams to see how innovation in your organization can change from a risky side business to a core driver of company growth. In this session, you’ll try out principles such as Lead with a Hypothesis, Drive Iteration, Rethink Resources, Connect Silos, and Know When to Scale. You’ll also hear from Phil Horn VP, Ticket Sales and Service at NBA’s Sacramento Kings on how they learned to sell in exciting new ways, matching how today's buyers want to buy. Walk away with 5 immediate actions you can take to make innovation the “it” place to be, and long-term changes you can start now that will weave innovation into the DNA of your organization.

Closing Keynote: A walk on the Wildside: Insights Into Thriving

04:30 PM 05:30 PM Main Hall

The “myths of happiness” and what we know about creating a great life. Drawing from his own research and the research in positive psychology, Mark will talk about transforming our lives by seeking challenge, specifically in outdoor experiences.

Cocktail Reception

05:30 PM 06:30 PM

Networking on the Slopes

09:00 AM 04:00 PM Creekside Meeting Room, Solitude Ski Resort

The ski day will be help on Friday, March 3 at Solitude Resort in the Creekside Meeting Room.

Go to Entry 2 and park. Walk into the village. The Creekside Meeting Room will be the last building on your right before you get to the turn to go to the lifts. Look for our banners.

If you paid for a ticket during registration, you will be able to pick up the ticket in the Creekside Meeting Room at 9 am.


12:00 PM 01:00 PM Creekside Meeting Room

Snowforce 2018!

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